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5 Must-Have Super Smelly Products For Summers

The summer season can be harsh on your skin and hair and brings its share of problems that can get troublesome, but are equally preventable. From body odour and bacteria to dull, tanned skin; from pores clogged with grime and dead cells to bad hair days. Here’s a list of some Super Smelly products that will help you sail through summer, like a breeze:  

  1. Our super-smelling natural deodorants – Super Smelly have a wide range of natural deodorants, with fragrances that appeal to the senses – citrusy, floral, woody, musky, aqua, fruity – we’ve got it all! You can choose from The Bratt, Oudh, Hurricane, Wild Child, Whoosh, and Sweet As Sin – both in spray deo and pocket perfume form. Not only do you smell great but also get to enjoy healthy, bacteria-free, soothed underarms. Even better, our deodorants are India’s first and only deodorants that are certified 100% Toxin Free and Made Safe by Safe Cosmetics Australia, with IFRA compliant fragrances. These undoubtedly are the best deodorants for men and women.
  2. Activated Charcoal Face Wash – Summer brings with it sweat, heat, and grime. What your skin needs to combat this, is a facewash that effectively flushes away dirt, excess oils, and toxins hidden in pores, while not drying it up. That’s exactly what our Activated Charcoal Zero Toxin Face Wash does! With lit ingredients like Activated Charcoal, Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, C, and E, and Asian Ginseng, this is a great face wash for men and women!
  3. Our game-changing natural hair gels – Summer is the season when you can play around with your hair and find multiple ways to keep it up. Style it with our natural hairstyling gels for men and womenStyle & Grow and Hemp Hold Natural Hair Gels. They provide a stronghold, and at the same time, stimulate hair growth, protect against damage, dandruff and greying, while keeping hair hydrated and nourished. Style away!
  4. Hand Rub – Safe hands are good hands. Our zero toxin hand sanitiser helps rid you of germs, thanks to its effective formula of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol combined with the natural goodness of Neem, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil extracts and a mint oil aroma, to keep the skin on your hands nourished at the same time. Keep it on you and never leave home without it!
  5. Go Glow Face Pack – The summer sun can be harsh on your delicate skin, robbing it of its radiance and damaging cells. You simply cannot go through summer without Super Smelly’s Go Glow Face Pack that brightens skin, reduces tan, and gives an instant glow to the face. In addition, it cleanses skin and pores thoroughly and rejuvenates skin cells. Make this brightening face pack part of your skincare regime and that glowing skin is yours.

To add to their benefits, all these products are toxin free and safe to use for young and sensitive skin. With the season fast approaching and the weather turning balmy, it’s time to go shopping for some Super Smelly goodness!

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