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7 Ways To Be Brother Of The Year

A Sister- She always has your back and you know it – she is the girl who deserves nothing but the best!

We understand the subtle internal panic that happens whenever you try to gift her that perfect something. We tried to list down a few really interesting buys based on the type of personality your sister might have, so that the gift-hunting is more of an adventure and less of a nightmare…

  1. Hooded Lounge Wear –  It is ideal for the sister who loves to stay-in instead of strutting out, enjoys her Netflix hours more than socialising and adores everything that’s cosy!
  1. Scented Candles & Essential Oils – Is your sister a regular spa person or simply loves to indulge in some good me-time more than often? – A pack of scented candles with essential oils is something she will totally love.
  1. Utility Charging Dock – A selfie-freak and a Kardashian fan? – No, you don’t have to get her anything that will rip your pockets – a nice and functional charging dock where she can charge her phone, fitness band and even Air Pods. Sounds intelligent right?
  1. No Toxin Deos – She loves her perfumes and deos as much she loves you – well you can definitely surprise her with something different this time – zero toxins deos that both smell good and are safe for her! 
  1. Personalised Tea Hamper – You always catch her drinking tea at the most random moments? – why not give her an ultimate tea experience – a carefully curated tea box with some exotic tea flavours and a cup – she will love you for it!
  1. Planter Stand & Potted Plants – Her love for the greens sometimes puts your space into doubt? Well, help her make room for more of her plant buddies by gifting her a utility plant rack and some additional house plants. 
  1. Selfcare Kit – Self-Care Kit – For the brother who takes special care of himself and is indulgent when it comes to personal care products – a zero-toxin self-care hamper that he will love using and own each day like a boss!

See? Choosing the right gift isn’t that hard – you just have to be aware of her daily habits that’s all! And yes, a thoughtful gift goes a long way…. ( read – taking your side in front of dad or becoming your alibi in times of need).. The list is endless.

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