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Can Aloe Vera Really Benefit Your Hair? We Give The Scoop

Can Aloe Vera Really Benefit Your Hair? We Give The Scoop

It’s not surprising that today’s beautyverse is filled with aloe vera-based hair products that are often touted as ‘the next big thing’. From aloe vera hair masks to aloe hair gels, such products exist aplenty. The rejuvenating herb, known as Ghrit Kumari in Sanskrit, is a powerhouse of several nutrients that can moisturize hair. But aloe vera’s benefits go beyond moisturizing dehydrated hair. The gel extracted from the succulent can rejuvenate tresses by giving them strength and elasticity. What’s more, it can boost hair growth and treat scalp infections like a pro. With all that extolling, is aloe vera worth adding to your hair care rituals? Let us give you the scoop.

Why Is Aloe Vera So Good For Your Hair?

Proponents say and even science claims aloe vera benefits hair in so many ways. The gel extracted from its leaves is jam-packed with amino acids, vitamins, salicylic acids, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients are highly beneficial and can keep your mane head and shoulders above. Here’s how aloe vera benefits your hair:

Hydrates & Moisturizes Hair

Aloe vera is naturally blessed with moisturizing properties. It is deeply hydrating and hence can be a boon for dry locks. Dive into the goodness of nourishing vitamins of the aloe gel and reap moisturizing benefits. For that, massage Ayurvedic hair gel made from aloe vera routinely on your hair and scalp. 

Soothes The Scalp

Even if you have heat-induced headaches, massaging aloe gel into the scalp can offer instant relief. The calming effects of the gel combined with its cooling properties can calm the scalp like nothing else. Being antibacterial and antifungal in nature, aloe vera also does a good job when it comes to treating inflammation or irritation. Try aloe vera gel and flaxseed oil combo as it’s incredibly nourishing and soothing.

Facilitates Hair Growth

How often do you get infuriated after seeing your thinning hair? Although thinning of hair occurs as you age, the process can be mitigated with aloe vera. Brimming with proteolytic enzymes as well as vitamins E, C, and A, the ‘miracle’ herb provides intense nutrition to the scalp and contributes to cell turnover, eventually stimulating hair growth. It also cleanses hair follicles that might hamper growth after getting clogged with dead skin, oil, or debris. This cleansing action promotes healthy hair at the end of the day! To use aloe vera for hair growth, scoop out its gel and add it to your hair masks and oils. Use it in combination with flaxseed gel, onion oil or gel, or biotin for exemplary results. 

Fortifies Hair Follicles 

Being a treasure-trove of essential vitamins and fatty acids, aloe vera fortifies the hair follicles and prevents them from falling out. It doesn’t end here! Besides keeping the hair strands strong, it balances the pH levels of the hair and repairs frazzled tresses. Whether those split ends are making you hot under the collar or that frizz getting on your nerves, aloe vera hair treatment can come to your rescue. 

Arrests Hair Fall

Although that slimy gel of aloe vera may not enchant you at first, it can surely assure you less hair breakage. Don’t know why? Its hair-benefitting nutrients enrich the hair follicles and strengthen the hair roots, thus bringing the hair fall down. The proteolytic enzymes condition the hair strands and cleanse the scalp which further lessens hair breakage. Use fresh aloe vera gel for hair fall or use a NON-TOXIN aloe hair gel that doesn’t possess any harsh chemicals.  

Fosters Shine 

Nothing can be more dismaying than waking up with messy bedhead hair that lacks shine. Fortunately, you can be in luck and restore the lost sheen on your hair with aloe vera. Using a toxin-free hair gel possessing the goodness of aloe vera locks in the hydration and leaves you with shiny and silky hair. You can also add ultra-fine shine to your tresses with ‘Hemp Hold Flaxseed Hair Gel’. This incredible, non-toxic formulation will also keep your sassy hairstyles in place for longer. 

Ways To Use Aloe Vera For Healthy & Happy Hair

Be ahead of the curve when it comes to boosting hair health with aloe vera. Reap the benefits of aloe magic by drinking aloe juice, using aloe gel hair masks, or aloe-based shampoos and conditioners. Here are some great tips to use aloe vera for hair growth, hair fall, frizz, hair thinning and the list goes on….

  • Drink fresh aloe juice at least twice a day for stronger hair.
  • Ditch your traditional shampoos and use SLS-free, aloe vera shampoo. You can also add some freshly extracted aloe gel to your hair conditioner.
  • To use aloe vera gel for hair regrowth, complement the gel usage with a biotin supplement.
  • Another way to use aloe vera gel for hair health is utilizing it in your deep conditioning hair masks.
  • Use aloe vera hair masks to redeem hair care benefits. Combine aloe gel with ingredients like jojoba oil, rosemary oil, onion gel, and flaxseed gel for healthy and strong hair.  
  • A gel fortified with aloe vera, grapeseed oil, and rosemary extract is a savior for teens & tweens with dandruff issues.
  • A concoction of onion oil and aloe gel counters hair loss and is a perfect fit for those struggling with hair thinning and hair fall. 

The use of aloe vera in hair care is not new. However, it’s garnering much traction these days as people sitting inside their homes day in, day out are looking for ways to pamper themselves. If you are also homebound amid the prevailing pandemic, take advantage of this opportunity and give your hair a little TLC!

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