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How Bhringraj Aka ‘Miracle Herb’ Benefits Your Hair?

How Bhringraj Aka 'Miracle Herb' Benefits Your Hair? | bhringraj oil, bhringraj oil benefits

With the prevailing pandemic in full swing, it’s high time we take utmost care of our physical as well as mental well-being. And when we say ‘well-being’, hair health shouldn’t be left behind. The stressful times plus soaring temperatures and humidity call for a seamless hair care routine that can treat those frazzled tresses and bring them back to life. Easy hair care rituals combined with age-old wisdom can give your hair much-needed tender loving care. Especially if you have hair woes like dry hair or hair thinning, an ancient, tried & tested ingredient like Bhringraj will rule out all those hair-related concerns. Bhringraj that is known to hold an exceptional value in Ayurveda is applauded for its hair-boosting, hair-strengthening, and anti-bacterial properties. Add Bhringraj oil or powder to your hair-care regimen and you are sure to get your hair in good shape!

How Bhringraj Benefits Hair?

Whenever applied topically in the form of Bhringraj hair oil or used in the form of powder in hair packs or even when taken orally, Bhringraj delivers the following benefits:

Amps Up Hair Growth

‘Bhringraj for hair growth is a cliché for a reason. Regular massages with Bhringraj oil widens the blood vessels, increases blood circulation, and brings more nutrients to the hair roots, eventually encouraging growth. To use Bhringraj oil for hair growth, massage the oil on your scalp and keep it overnight. The next morning, wash your hair with an SLS/SLES-free & paraben-free shampoo. Try Super Smelly ‘Bhring It On HAIR Oil’ – an organic hair growth oil that’s an incredible concoction of Bhringraj, soyabean oil, almond oil, Brahmi, vitamin E, Amla, and other powerful ingredients that boost hair growth like nothing else. 

Arrests Hair Fall

Hair masks, multivitamin supplements, hair spa treatments, and much more- tried them all but all in vain? Don’t fret as sometimes a simple thing can offer the best results! Frequent massages with Bhringraj will offer your scalp and hair follicles intense nutrition they were lacking before and eventually stop hair fall. Massaging will also unwind your senses and halt stress-induced hair fall. So, if your hair fall has got no chill, grab a bottle of fast hair growth oil containing Bhringraj and get ready for those hair massages. To banish hair fall, massage your scalp at least 3 days every week. 

Turns Down The Appearance Of Greys

Bhringraj oil benefits are not just confined to hair growth and hair fall. In fact, they also entail the prevention of premature hair greying. Though getting those grey hair strands too early is largely a genetic process and can’t be mitigated, Bhringraj can slow it down. The active constituents of the herb have darkening properties that help preserve hair’s natural color. That means using it religiously will lead to the appearance of fewer greys! Yippie

Reduces Dandruff & Scalp Infections

Have those flakes embarrassed you when someone saw them landing on your dark, beautiful dress or shirt? If yes, it’s time to say goodbye to those dandruff scales and regain your lost self-esteem. Bhringraj is a tried-and-tested remedy for dandruff problems. Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties! This wondrous herb is also anti-inflammatory and even has goodness of essential vitamins that heals scalp infections and tranquilizes irritation.

Adds Sheen To Hair

If your hair has lost its shine, restore it with Bhringraj. This nutrient-rich herb deeply hydrates and conditions the hair strands, making them shiny and luscious. Try mixing Bhringraj oil with almond oil and Amla oil for those gorgeous locks. 

Using Bhringraj For All Your Hair Problems

If wavering hair in the breeze has become your distinct memory, you are not alone. Incorporate Bhringraj into your hair-care rituals and bring back your good old hair days. Here’s how you can use the herb to redeem the best results:

  • Bhringraj & Onion – A combo of Bhringraj oil and onion oil boosts hair growth, minimizes hair thinning, and keeps baldness in check. The best hair oil for hair growth and thickness should also include Brahmi and Amla.
  • Bhringraj & Amla – When used together, Bhrinraj and Amla give strength to hair follicles and accelerate growth. Use amla oil and Bhringraj oil. Alternatively, boil amla powder, sesame seeds, and curry leaves in Bhringraj oil, and then use this mixture.
  • Bhringraj, Soyabean, & Almond Oil– While soyabean oil treats scalp inflammation, almond oil adds shine to hair. Apply the combination of these oils. For best results, use Bhring It On HAIR Oil that’s oozing with these hair-benefitting ingredients.
  • Bhringraj & Brahmi – Just like Bhringraj, Brahmi promotes hair growth. A combination of these herbs makes for a powerful remedy for hair thinning, baldness, and even hair fall.
  • Bhringraj & Hibiscus: Hibiscus flower extract makes roots stronger and also makes hair lustrous and healthy. 

Thinning hair or dandruff? Hair fall or premature grey hair? No matter which hair woe you are dealing with, add Bhringraj to your diet and its hair oil to your hair-care regimen and make your hair healthier than ever before!

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