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How To Style Your Hair With Styling Hair Gel

How To Style Your Hair With Styling Hair Gel | Best Natural hair gel for women | best hair gel for men in india | aloe vera gel for hair

So you’ve got a great haircut. Now what. 

Here’s our guide for how to use the best hair gel for men and create hair styles that make a statement. 

To use a natural hair gel, always start with freshly washed hair. After your shower, towel dry your hair, leaving it slightly damp so your Aloe Vera Gel for hair styling or Onion Hair Gel holds longer and better.

Now, a question guys and girls often ask is “how much hair straight gel should I use”. 

Here’s our take : for short hair, take a nickel to quarter-sized amount of hair gel,spread it on your palm, and thoroughly apply it into your hair. Make sure your Aloe Vera Gel for hair styling or Onion Hair Gel  is evenly distributed throughout your hair, working it in from your scalp to the tips.

Finally, start to style your gelled hair. You can use your fingers or a comb depending on the hairstyle you want. For example, spiked hair is better styled with your hands, while slick hairstyles require a comb. For a firm hold, blow dry your hair into place.

Hair is a gift, so what you put in it should work with, not against, what you’ve been given. Embrace the texture of your hair and have fun with it using our carefully crafted natural hair gels for teenagers! 

100% free of toxins, made safe & containing no Parabens or any other harmful chemicals that can make your hair greasy & flaky

Moreso, our Hemphold Flax Seed Hair Gel contains Aloe Vera Gel for hair styling amongst other enriching ingredients like Hemp oil, Flax seed oil & Rosemary.

That’s not all, our Style & Grow Onion Hair gel is boosted with the likes of Biotin, Rosemary, that makes it a perfect styling & nourishing agent!

Now let’s see how we can create some stunning hairstyles using these hair styling gels!

The Messy Look

It is ideal for days when you want to look casual yet sophisticate and you don’t have much time to style your hair. To get this look, you must spread the Aloe Vera Gel for hair styling through your hair using only your fingertips. You can slowly move the hair in different directions and tame the fly-aways.

 Go Classy

Few hair styles are as classy and cultured as a slicked-back hairstyle that is reminiscent of Don Draper and Jay Gatsby. The beauty of this hair style is in its simplicity. This look is ideal for special occasions and formal settings. It can be achieved with a heavy amount of our Style & Grow Onion Hair gel and a fine-tooth comb.

Spread the gel through your hair and sweep your hair from the line of your forehead toward the back of your head, without parting it. Use a damp comb to sweep it into place as neatly and flatly as possible.

All the styles mentioned above work well with Super Smelly’s HempHold Flaxseed Hair Gel & Style & Grown Onion Hair Gel. Grab yours today and explore different sides to your personality with these hairstyles.

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