Meet The Founders of supersmelly

Dipali Mathur Dayal

Founder & CEO, Super Smelly

BusinessWorld’s choice for ‘40 Under 40’, Dipali believes in working hard and taking risks. A go-getter from the word ‘go’ she fires up the entire team with her zeal and innovative ideas and practises a strict open-door policy with those who work with her. With a background in management and chemistry, and an avid interest in wellness and grooming, the path obviously led her to co-founding Super Smelly.

Just like her favorite brave, bold and principled character, Jo March, you can find Dipali dreaming, scribbling and reading in her free time. Bursting with ideas and the grit to implement them, she has big plans for Super Smelly and is often found at the drawing board, brainstorming and launching new wonders into the market. After work, if you catch her at a party, grab a glass of red wine and prepare to dance all night.

Milan Sharma

Founder, Super Smelly

Calm, focused and a man of few words, Milan is the taciturn operator of the Super Smelly machinery. A hospitality industry veteran and the entrepreneur behind launching the ‘Himalayan’ brand in the Indian commoditised water market, Milan brings his worldly wisdom to the table. He keeps a discerning eye on the growth of the company and pushes targets higher to expand their collective vision.

A huge fan of action heroes like Pierce Brosnan and Sunny Deol, he himself has never been known to lose his cool. A globetrotter and connoisseur of fine things, his two GenZ kids define him as a cool dad, heavily into podcasts, Ted Talks and lawn tennis. According to everybody who knows him, he has never had a bad hair day!