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Oudh Deodorant Is Quintessential Woody Fragrance You Can Wear To Smell Fresh All Summer Long! Find Out Why

Oudh Deodorant Is Quintessential Woody Fragrance You Can Wear To Smell Fresh All Summer Long! Find Out Why | Oudh Perfume Deodorant Spray | best deo for man | best antiperspirant | deodorant spray for men | deodorant brands

If that nasty armpit odor is the bane of your existence, we feel you! With summers doing the job like a pro and our body on bended knees is producing oodles of sweat, it’s not surprising why we smell like a skunk these days. Fortunately, overhauling our personal care routine and using the right deodorants and perfume sprays can change the game. And when it comes to picking a fragrance, you can never go wrong with an Oudh deodorant. Celebrated for its warm aroma and balsamic and woody notes, Oudh deo can soldier on and fight stubborn bacteria so you won’t smell bad at all. Read on to know more about Oudh deodorant spray and why adding it to your grooming arsenal can be a boon for your underarms.

What Is Oudh & Where It Comes From?

Hailed as one of the most sumptuous raw ingredients in perfumery, Oudh is the dark and valuable resin produced by the Southeast Asian agar tree in the process of shielding itself from parasitic mold infestation. This fragrant substance, also known as ‘liquid gold’ is the raw perfume ingredient that can be further melted or distilled to produce Oudh oil. Isn’t it a wonder of nature?

The Scent With Diverse Aspects 

As you would expect, Oudh possesses a warm and woody scent that’s aromatic and complex. You may also encounter a hit of smokiness and tinges of dampness in the scent as it is sourced from timber. Some may also find it somewhat pungent yet alluring.

Oudh that’s usually employed as a base note in a perfume composition contributes to woody and balsamic notes. As the base notes stay longer than middle and top notes, you are sure to catch a whiff of Oudh even at the end of the day. 

Despite being complex and enigmatic, Oudh is a rare and exquisite gift of nature that can be blended with fruity and floral touches to create unique sensual fragrances. That means from woody and musky fragrance to feminine florals, there’s an Oudh for every age group out there including Gen-Z. Pick an Oudh deodorant that offers you a sense of luxury and creates an unbeatable olfactory experience. Try ‘Oudh Perfume Deodorant Spray’ from Super Smelly – the best Oudh deodorant spray in India that’s 100% toxin-free, natural and safe for teens and tweens!

What Is Oudh Good For?

Wearing an Oudh fragrance will change your underarm health, for good. If worn routinely, it is also believed to ward off negative energies. Speaking of the Oudh deodorant benefits, a good deo like Oudh Perfume Deodorant Spray will:

  • Fight bacteria and eliminate underarm odors
  • Lighten underarms (Thanks to the magic ingredient ‘witch hazel’ that’s a brilliant skin lightener!)
  • Soothe and replenish underarm skin

Here’s additional awesomeness of Oudh deodorant from Super Smelly:

  • It is India’s first-ever and the only ZERO-TOXIN deo that’s free of chemical gunk.
  • An intense mix of woody, musk, sweet, and floral notes – that’s what deodorant for ladies or men must be doing. Right?
  • Naturally-derived ingredients including aloe vera, tea tree, and witch hazel are great add-ons in this magic potion. 
  • It’s certified SAFE, VEGAN, & TOXIN-FREE and dermatologically tested to suit everyone including teens and tweens.
  • As it’s cruelty-free and environment-friendly, it’s truly a crowd-pleaser. 

Is Oudh Expensive?

Oudh, whether used in the form of resin or oil, is a sumptuous fragrance. The credit goes to its rarity. The agar tree from which it is derived is the world’s one of the most luxurious timbers. Plus, the trees are scarce. Further, adding to its cost is the resin extraction process that only takes place when triggered by mold formation. We guess you got the scoop on what made Oudh achieve the most expensive perfumery commodity status!

And if you are wondering about Oudh deodorant cost in India, that varies from brand to brand. While some brands use synthetic fragrances that mimic Oudh, others use natural Oudh. If you choose the former, Oudh deodorant price in India would be a lot less. However, if you go with the latter, it assures you get an incredible scented luxury. If you fancy 100% natural fragrance, look no further and grab Super Smelly’s Oudh Perfume Deodorant Spray.

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