Participate in the ‘Super Smelly T20 Giveaway Contest’ through these simple steps:

1. Buy a Super Smelly deodorant/deodorant combo to enter the contest.
2. When your package arrives, you will receive a ticket with a unique code.
3. Scan the QR code and fill in the form OR click –
4. Make sure to add Ticket Number, Name, Phone Number, Email Address and Your Instagram Handle. Submit the form.
5. Follow Super Smelly on Instagram.
6. And you’re done! That iPhone could be yours!

Terms & Conditions For Super T20 Giveaway

This contest is applicable only on prepaid orders.
This content is applicable only on the purchase of a Deodorant or Deodorant Combo, along with your other shopping.
Following Super Smelly on Instagram is mandatory for participation.
The unique ticket number is for one-time use only.
Link to the form -