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These 3 Products Will Help You Finally Say Goodbye To Acne & Marks

Acne taking a toll on your skin and your life? Acne, no matter which type, is a nightmare and for obvious reasons. It is often annoyingly painful, causing a lot of discomfort. But it’s time to break up with these breakouts! Get these 3 life saviors in your daily regime and you are sorted!

Acne Warrior Face Pack

Redness, swelling, and a lot of pain are definitely the most annoying bits of having acne-prone skin for sure. But we’ve realized that Neem and Tea Tree as ingredients help soothe the redness and keep skin soft and nourished- which are the core ingredients of the Super Smelly Acne Warrior Face Pack

Goodbye Acne Face Wash

Over washing skin to keep it squeaky clean definitely leads to dryness and dehydration, especially for acne prone skin. One can avoid skin getting patchy and painful by choosing a SLS & Paraben-free gentle face cleanser. 

The Super Smelly Goodbye Acne Face Wash has the right mix of Salicyclic Acid, Neem, Tea Tree, and Cucumber which does not strip your skin of the essential moisture while still  keeping your skin dirt and excess oil free at all times.

Super Acne Cream

Usually after using the face pack & face wash, we tend to get lazy and totally forget about nourishing the skin with a good moisturizer. But this last step is so crucial to finish off your acne free routine. The Super Smelly Super Acne Face Cream

helps freshly cleansed skin to be moisturized enough for your acne spot treatment and hence is a must-have

Other than a good consistent skincare routine, a healthy and conscious diet will help you bid adieu to those pesky zits! Incorporating 30 mins daily of rigorous physical activity also works wonders. So, instead of falling prey to homemade DIYs and quick fixes (read patches, toothpaste, hormone-regulating pills, which again are mostly myths), try to adopt a holistic approach to combating acne. 

We, at Super Smelly deep dive into everything that goes into creating a good range of fragrances, skincare and haircare products so that you experience the best of everything!

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