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These Hair Secrets Got Us High!

Beauty brands have been launching Hemp-based products over the past couple of years, and now the trendy ingredient is hitting haircare

To make it easier to navigate, we’re breaking down the hair health benefits, FAQs, proper usage and every fact, myth, or rumor you’ve heard about Hemp. (And spoiler alert—using shampoo with Hemp in it will not get you high!)




What Is CBD & CBD Isolate?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound extracted from cannabis plants. Yes, marijuana is also extracted from cannabis plants, but it is not the same as CBD! Unlike marijuana, CBD does not contain THC—CBD is non-intoxicating and packed with vitamins and amino acids.

Hemp plants (a member of the cannabis plant family) are harvested and put through a clean extraction process. This process produces CBD Isolate, a crystallized powder that is 98% pure CBD.


How Would I Use Hemp Hair Care?

Products lines with Hemp like Super Smelly Super Hydrate Hair Cream & Super Smelly Hemp Hold Hair Gel are super versatile and applied just like any other hair care. The line uses plant-derived Hemp Extracts and botanical blends that only do tonnes of good for the hair. 


Is Hemp Good For Your Hair?

Absolutely! Hemp is packed with vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids that each provide benefits for healthy hair and scalp. These benefits maximize when combined with other scientifically backed ingredients like FlaxSeed Oil, RoseMary, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E which you will find in the Super Smelly Hemp Range – formulated to moisturize, strengthen and protect the hair. 

A Few Key Benefits

  • Nourishes The Scalp: As we know, hair is only as healthy as the scalp! Hemp Extracts  are rich in natural antioxidants like Vitamin A, C and E that can nourish the scalp and calm any itch or irritation. 
  • Prevents Color From Fading: The amino acids found in Hemp (specifically L-Tyrosine) can help maintain hair color—cool right?! Amino acids also promote moisture retention which helps hair absorb product nutrients and water for shiny, strong hair. 
  • Promotes Hair Growth: Fatty acids like Omega-3 found in Hemp boosts collagen production that can strengthen the scalp tissue, promoting hair growth. The fatty acids can also help rebalance hair’s elasticity, making it grow strong and become less prone to damage.

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