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The Best Gift For This Valentine’s!

Valentine’s Day is our favorite time of year to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. It’s an excuse to show them the extra love that they deserve and treat them to something special. While a bunch of red roses and a box of their favorite chocolates can be a safe and easy option, we know that you’re better off thinking outside of the box. Well, actually, we’ve done all of that thinking for you and paired up the perfect perfumes, no matter who you’re gifting this year.

For The Charming – Sweet As Sin 

Sweet and charming, the floral and fruity punch gives a soothing sensation. Sweet As Sin is ideal for the one who loves all things pretty and subtle.

For The Fast & Furious – Whoosh 

Perfect for the on-the-go kinda persona who is always rushing into new things to explore. Whoosh is an appealing concoction of fruity, citrus and aqua fragrances.

For The Fiesty – Hurricane

An awesome mix of naturally derived Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, with an aromatic fragrance carrying notes of green grass, mint, eucalyptus and musk. It is a racy and eclectic mix for the ones who love to keep their heart first!

For The Rebel – Wild Child 

They are full of opinions and have the right answer to whatever you throw at them! An aura that is so magnetic one can’t help but adore the brashness of it all. The Wild Child smells of bergamot, melon, coconut, mandarin orange, jasmine, cassis, cotton candy, pineapple, caraway, nutmeg (and more!) – all in one bottle.

For The Suave – Oudh 

Serious and chivalrous. Yes, we got that right! Our bestseller of all time. Oudh is all things spicy and nice! Brimming with musky, woody, and amber notes, it brings out the ‘007’ vibe like no one else!

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