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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Puberty

As we are growing up and hit puberty, there is this sudden burst of hormones and boom! You don’t know what’s happening!

Citing the most common example, Body Odour – Perspiration, or sweat, comes from sweat glands that you’ve always had in your body. But thanks to puberty, these glands not only become more active than before.

They also begin to secrete different chemicals into the sweat that has a stronger smelling odor. You always think it’s the other one stinking, but nope! You might want to notice this odor under your arms in your armpits.

Yeah! If only right?

The best way to mask it is to be as hygienic as possible and use a zero toxin deo spray that will not affect your sensitive underarm skin. Let’s take you through  few other important stuff that you should definitely know about while tackling the hormonal flood…

1. It Doesn’t Hurt . . . It’s Just a Growth Spurt

“Spurt” means a short burst of activity, something that happens in a hurry. And a growth spurt during your puberty is just that: Your body is growing, and it’s happening really fast, before you can realise! 

2. Developing Shape

Amidst all this change, the skin and hair also starts to act out. Starting healthy routines to take care of young skin and hair can help you a long way.

3. Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Well, maybe not everywhere. But one of the first signs of puberty is hair growing where it didn’t grow before. 

4. A Constant Feeling Of Something Strange

Just as those hormones create changes in the way your body looks on the outside, they also create a ruckus on the inside. While your body is adjusting to all the new hormones, so is your mind. 

During puberty, you might feel confused or have strong emotions that you’ve never experienced before. 

5. The Most Interfering Changes That Happen & Take A Toll

Acne – Doctor and parents tend to overlook the fact that how much acne can affect the psyche of a growing teenager. We repeat do not ignore it. There are so many ways to go about this, the first and the most important being, accepting your body and its changes. It’s a natural function and varies from person to person. Any kind of bullying and name-calling should be discouraged. Right routines and products can help you combat puberty acne.

People are all a little different from one another, so it makes sense that they don’t all develop in the same way. No two people are at exactly the same stage as they go through puberty, and everyone changes at his or her own pace. But eventually, everyone catches up, and so will YOU!

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