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Activated Charcoal – Is It Really A Blessing For Your Skin?

Activated Charcoal - Is It Really A Blessing For Your Skin? | best charcoal face wash, best charcoal face pack

Summers are here and oily-skinned individuals can already sense forthcoming skin woes. The scenario where your skin accumulates a great deal of oil and acne comes uninvited is not at all pleasing to the senses. But as they say, ‘forewarned is forearmed’, you certainly have the option of combating greasy skin and flare-ups in the first place. For that, something that’s black and powerful can act as your skin’s savior. Don’t know what we are talking about? Dermatologists and skin-care experts say having activated charcoal in your alley can keep almost all skin problems at bay – be it excess oil, acne, or dullness. With all that extolling, is it true that activated charcoal can be a blessing for one’s skin? Let’s find out:

What’s Activated Charcoal & How It Works?

Activated charcoal is a kind of processed charcoal obtained by heating charcoal (in the form of coal, coconut shells, sawdust, etc.) at extreme temperatures. Upon heating, the resultant charcoal gets a wide surface area and becomes more porous. This fine black powder carries a negative charge and easily attracts positively charged toxins and gunk. As it has a large surface area and is highly absorbent, activated charcoal accumulates a lot of unwanted substances which are eventually flushed away when you rinse out the carbon.

What Makes Activated Charcoal Good For Skin?

After being touted as a ‘blessing for the skin’, let’s give you a scoop on how activated charcoal can benefit your skin. 

1 : Deeply Cleanses The Skin

Whether it’s a charcoal face wash for oily skin or an activated charcoal face pack, it effectively pulls up the impurities and sloughs them away. Activated charcoal quells dirt, oil, dead cells, and other gunk on the skin surface, and also that’s trapped inside the pores, leaving you with clean skin. This deep cleansing action also makes skin more refined. Redeem the magic of this magic ingredient by cleaning your face every day with the best charcoal face wash. When buying a face wash, also look for other skin-befitting ingredients like aloe gel and Asian ginseng. 

2 : Treats Enlarged Pores

If those larger-looking pores embarrass you in the public, fret no more. Don’t let those pores get the better of you and treat them with activated charcoal. Grab a tub of the best charcoal face pack and use it to draw out the impurities clogging your pores to eventually shrink them and make them less predominant. Redeem major charcoal face mask benefits by using a chemical-free product from a TOXIN-FREE brand.

3 : Balances Sebum Production

Though natural oil secretion by your sebaceous gland is vital to keep your skin hydrated, excess sebum production can invite acne and of course that slick appearance. This is where activated charcoal can come to your rescue. Activated charcoal-based skin products eradicate unwanted oil and save you from getting breakouts. During summers, wash your face with a charcoal face wash for acne to balance things out. A high-quality charcoal face mask can also be the best buddy of your greasy summer skin. 

4 : Improves Existing Acne

If applying anything to your acne feels like a nightmare, we can feel you. But the good news is – using a gentle cleanser like activated charcoal will keep you on the safe side. Also, activated charcoal is a mild exfoliator so it won’t harm your existing acne. Not to mention, the magic powder’s antibacterial properties combined with its deep cleansing action will kill acne-causing bacteria in no time, making acne disappear eventually. Incorporate a charcoal face pack for pimples and TOXIN-FREE activated charcoal face wash in your everyday skin-care rituals and bid farewell to acne!

How To Add Activated Charcoal In Skincare Routine?

With its multifaceted uses in skincare, activated charcoal is certainly a safe bet for achieving healthy skin. Make the most of this powerful ingredient to redeem all skincare benefits. Here’s how you can use activated charcoal to your advantage:

  • By Using A Charcoal Face Wash For Clear Skin – Get rid of debris and toxins hidden in your pores with an activated charcoal face wash. If you have sensitive skin or acne flare-ups, use SUPER SMELLY’s 100% Natural & ZERO Toxin-Free charcoal & aloe Vera face wash.
  • By Using Charcoal Scrub To Minimize Pores – Exfoliate your face with a charcoal scrub to say goodbye to dead cells, blackheads, and whiteheads, and eventually achieving smaller-looking pores.
  • By Using Charcoal Face Mask To Brighten Up The Skin – Rejuvenate your skin with a charcoal face pack for oily skin.  Use Super Smelly ‘Go Glow Activated Charcoal Face Pack that’s a perfect dirt magnet. An organic amalgam of activated charcoal, cocoa, kaolin, apricot oil, Dead Sea salt, and other beneficial ingredients, this natural face mask is the safest way to get clean, fresh, and healthy skin! 

Is charcoal face wash good for acne? Can an activated charcoal mask shrink pores? Let all those series of questions come to a halt and try this magic ingredient without giving a second thought. No matter which skin woe you are dealing with, activated charcoal will prove to be a blessing for your skin and heal all those skin problems that are getting on your nerves right now.

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