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Common Teen Skin Woes And How To Rule ‘Em Out

Common Teen Skin Woes And How To Rule 'Em Out | skin care products for teenage male | best face wash for teenage skin | best acne products for teenage guys

Teenage years are the best time of your life, even though sometimes in hindsight – from trying to fit in to hoping to stand out, this is the time that you end up remembering the most! And then there is also the tricky part- skin woes that most have to deal with. From those nasty finger warts to zits that often give a surprise visit on just the wrong day, teenage years are generally in the midst of a ton of skin problems. But don’t wail! No problem exists without a solution. Read this blog further to understand common teen skin issues. 

Skin Woe#1 – Acne

Imagine yourself without a care because you assumed that you are blessed with clear skin and suddenly that ache-y bump arises on your face, making you realize that your good skin days are over. What’s worse of living with acne is the indentations and scarring zits leave once they are gone. Well, teenage acne exists majorly because you have hit puberty. The hormonal changes occurring during this time cause the oil glands to go into overdrive and compel them to secrete excess oil. End result? Pus-filled acne, blackheads, and whiteheads!


If you are living an acne-prone life, you aren’t alone. Here are some solutions to rule out those annoying lurkers:

  • Make Salicylic Acid Your Best Buddy: Salicylic acid lessens oil production and clears up pores while exfoliating gently. You can use a salicylic acid face wash like Goodbye Acne Face Wash – the best face wash for teenage acne to get rid of grease, dead cells, and eventually acne flare-ups.  
  • Spot Treat: Do spot treatments with tea tree oil or retinol-based anti-acne cream.
  • Change Your Lifestyle: Eat clean, exercise, and drink plenty of fluids. Limit sugary stuff, caffeine, and alcohol-infused drinks. 
  • Rely On Natural DIY Face Masks: Spot treatments can get all the hype but you can’t underestimate the potential of natural face masks prepared with pantry ingredients. Use a honey-banana face mask, aloe-turmeric face pack, or whatever suits you. Don’t forget to moisturize your face with Super Acne Face Cream – the best cream for teenage pimples to keep acne at bay.
  • Visit A Dermatologist: If you breakout frequently, it’s wise to visit a dermatologist to get the right antibiotic prescription and medication.

Skin Woe#2 – Dandruff

If that shedding scalp embarrasses you often, you aren’t alone. Puberty sends oil glands into flux, eventually making them work overtime. This exacerbates the normal shedding of dead cells and leads to dandruff and an itchy scalp. During winters, dry wind and hormonal changes collude to make dandruff come to a head.   


Using a herbal anti-dandruff shampoo, lemon & curd hair mask, and oiling your hair routinely will quell dandruff. 

Skin Woe#3 – Oily Skin

You may think oily skin and pimples are inextricably linked. But that’s not true. You may have oily skin characterized by oil and shine alone but no acne. If this is the case, there are many ways to combat oil production. After all, you don’t want your face to shine like a disco ball!


  • Cleanse Cleanse Face Twice Every day: Fetch the best face wash for teenage skin with activated charcoal or salicylic acid that can extricate unwanted oil from your face. Befriend Activated Charcoal Face Wash for the same. Make sure to double-cleanse at night if you wear makeup.
  • Use Blotting Papers: To sop up excess oil, use blotting papers. 
  • Make Exfoliate A Custom: A simple rescue plan from that stubborn oil is to exfoliate once or twice every week. Resort to a gentle scrub and exfoliate during bedtime.
  • Count On Non-Comedogenic Beauty Products – Whether you are buying the best acne products for teenage guys or natural skincare products for teenage males, make sure they are non-comedogenic. Rest assured that they won’t clog your pores!
  • Take Heart In Zero-Toxin Face Packs – Toxin-free face packs with oil-controlling ingredients can help to eradicate over-the-top sebum. Give Acne Warrior Oil Control Face Pack a whirl – anti-acne face mask with goodness of neem extract, aloe, turmeric oil, green clay, kaolin mud, and Multani clay.

Skin Woe#4 – Over-The-Top Sweating

Have you ever wondered why you sweat a lot even when you are not doing anything physical? Well, that’s because of hyperhidrosis – a condition that allows your body to create oodles of sweat which is eventually expelled from armpits, feet, head, palms, and other body parts. What’s worse is when you smell nothing short of a skunk. But don’t despair as there are some easy remedies to control sweat and kill those nasty bacteria behind that odor. 


  • Go Toxin-Free With Deodorants: If that sweat has come to a head, prevent it and the odor that comes with it with a zero-toxin deodorant. Try Whoosh Sports Deodorant Spray to keep sweat and odor at bay. 
  • Forego Horrid Chemicals: No matter whether it’s the best fairness cream for teenage boys/girls or the skincare products for teenage males, they should be free of horrid chemicals. 
  • Don Breathable Fabrics: Light, breathable clothes reflect heat and also offer good ventilation.  
  • Take Bath Twice In Summer: Regular bath expels bacteria and helps take the edge off excessive sweat.
  • Try Armpit Detox: Exfoliate your armpits with baking soda while taking a shower and put on an underarm mask later on.

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