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Toodles Tan Forever! Remove Sun tan From Face Overnight With These Beauty Hacks

Remove Sun tan From Face Overnight With These Beauty Hacks | tan removing face pack | best face pack for tan removal | face pack for tan removal and glowing skin

You may love to frequent beaches now and then. After all, who can resist wearing a light outfit and taking a stroll along the windy beachside? However, visiting beaches or stepping anywhere on a sunny day can be problematic for your precious facial skin. Reason – prolonged exposure to the sun invites that nasty tan and hyperpigmentation that’s hard to bear. Plus, sun rays tend to sop up your skin’s natural moisture, eventually exacerbating the condition of your face. But if you have already fallen prey to suntan and want to take the edge off it, this blog is your savior. Read on as plenty of powerful hacks and remedies that remove suntan from the face overnight are coming your way.

Yellow Aloe De-Tan Face Mask

Aloe vera gel and turmeric combo is a mighty face pack for tan removal and glowing skin. Whilst aloe vera soothes sunburn skin and moisturizes desiccated skin, turmeric lightens the skin tone. So, cocktail aloe gel and turmeric and use it before bedtime to dispel suntan in no time.

Here’s How To Use This Face Pack

  • Take a teaspoon or two of fresh aloe gel and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Slather on this face pack on your face and neck. 
  • Leave the aloe-turmeric face mask for 16-17 minutes. Wash with cold water.
  • Repeat every day before bedtime. 

Milky Coconut De-Tan Face Pack

The best tan removal cream by a dermatologist can get all the hype but you can’t ignore the power of coconut milk. Extremely hydrating and soothing, this potent source of vitamin C can remove tan in a jiffy without irritating your skin.

Here’s How To Use This Face Pack

  • Soak a cotton ball in fresh and cold coconut milk. Dab it on your facial skin, neck, and other affected areas. Wash off once dry. Repeat every day.
  • Feel free to add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to this pack to increase the efficacy.
  • Instead of scouting beauty counters for the fair and flawless suntan removal cream or any organic cream for fair skin, resort to ‘Go Glow Activated Charcoal Face Pack– the best face pack for tan removal with NO TOXINS or HORRID CHEMICALS!

Decaf Coffee Scrub


Coffee in skincare needs no introduction. Coffee gently exfoliates and lessens tanning, soothes acne, and prevents wrinkles. And what can be a healthier treat for your skin than a coffee scrub? Try cocktailing coffee powder and coconut oil for extra nourishment. 

Here’s How To Use This Face Scrub

  • Take some coffee powder and mix it with organic coconut oil.
  • Mix well and use this as a face scrub. 
  • Use coffee scrub twice a week.  
  • DIYs not your thing? No problem! Grab Glow-Latte Exfoliating Face Wash – a twofer that works as a face cleanser and scrub too!

Juicy Tomato Anti-Tan Pack

Antioxidants present in tomatoes not only expunge suntan but also prevent the skin from further UV damage. Tomato has lycopene, a natural sunscreen that guards you against harmful sun rays. Use this ubiquitous pantry ingredient frequently and bid farewell to tanned skin.

Here’s How To Use This Face Pack

  • Squeeze some tomato juice and apply it with a cotton ball. Alternatively, rub tomato pulp on pigmented skin. Wash it off after 3-4 minutes.
  • Wear this pack only in the evening.
  • Tomatoes are very acidic so always do a patch test beforehand.

Lemon-Yogurt Instant Tan Removal Pack

Hailed for their bleaching properties, lemon and yogurt reduce melanin and exfoliate the skin, eventually reducing tan. This mighty concoction offers instant results when it comes to tan removal. 

Here’s How To Use This Face Pack

  • Make tan removing face pack by stirring in some fresh lemon juice in yogurt. Grab a face mask brush and spread this mask on your face and neck. 
  • Wait for 6-7 minutes before rinsing the mask with water and chemical-free face wash.
  • Moisturize with natural face cream for daily use afterward. 

Sugary Lemon De-Tan Face Scrub

Sugar is a natural and effective scrub that can slough away dead skin cells that have contributed to your suntan. Lemon is another skincare goodie that acts as a bleaching agent and corrects skin tone.  

Here’s How To Use This Face Scrub

  • Take some sugar granules in a bowl. Stir in some fresh lemon juice.
  • Exfoliate your face and neck with this scrub, for a minute or two.
  • Wash with cold water. 
  • Add glycerine to the mix if you have dry skin. Alternatively, use the best chemical-free face cream for dry skin later on.

Rose + Sandalwood Face Pack For Tanned Skin

Sandalwood and rose are super soothing and work fantastically to rule out suntan. The combo is also great to reduce the redness caused by sunburn.  

Here’s How To Use This Face Pack

  • Take a tablespoon of pure sandalwood powder. Add rose water to form a paste. Apply to the face and wash off after 14-15 minutes. 
  • Moisturize your skin with a chemical-free face cream after treatment.
  • Complement the pack use with teenager tan removal cream for quick results.

Pick your favourite de-tan face pack or mask and use it religiously to shake off that stubborn tan. And happy times in summer climes wait ahead! 

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