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9 Toxic Beauty Ingredients Every Individual Wishing To Have Healthy Skin Should Avoid

9 Toxic Beauty Ingredients Every Individual Wishing To Have Healthy Skin Should Avoid | Sulfates | Parabens | Triclosan | Silicones | DEA/TEA

Naturalistas have always looked down upon chemical-laden beauty products. Profused with toxic gunk that can create havoc on your skin, there’s no denying why such staples deserve a call out. Especially, from Gen-z, who has skin young enough to bear the toxicity of harsh chemicals. So, if you have always wanted healthy skin, ditch all those toxic ingredients before they send your skin into a frenzy. Well, you don’t have to demonize every synthetic ingredient you come across. Simply forage the skincare ingredients mentioned here and you are sure to be saved!


No matter how much you enjoy those oodles of suds while taking shower with your favorite body wash or washing your hair with a luxe shampoo, it won’t do any good. Reason – these personal care products are brimming with sulfates – a surfactant that produces foam. Whether present in the form of SLS or SLES, sulfates engender irritation and dryness. Look for products with naturally derived sulfates like those obtained from coconut to stall the negative impacts. If you want personal care goodies that can Zen you out, settle for a toxin-free face wash, all-natural shampoos, and so forth.


Parabens need no introduction. The widely used preservers keep microbes at bay in cosmetic formulations. Before you start to get positive vibes regarding this estrogen-mimicking substance, let us tell you that it is known to entail hormonal imbalance. Speaking of skin affliction, parabens can lead to contact dermatitis and bumps & blisters. Forego all the beauty essentials with parabens and look out for paraben-free skincare products. For a paraben-free face wash, paraben-free face cream with SPF and other TOXIN-FREE & expertly calibrated goodies, try SUPER SMELLY!


Have you ever wondered what makes that fragrance in your deo stick to your skin? Or what prevents your nails from getting brittle even after prolonged use of nail colors? That would be phthalates. Here’s the bad news – phthalates are alleged to harm the reproductive system. Other than this, they can take a toll on the skin by causing allergies. Before that ‘secret’ scent bamboozles you in any way, ditch it and look for beauty staples with naturally derived or IFRA compliant fragrances. 


Triclosan, an antimicrobial ingredient, is widely used in deodorants, hand sanitizers, and other antibacterial stuff. Studies raise concerns about the use of this element in beauty products as it has the bad rap of being a skin irritant and hormone disruptor. So, look before you leap and think twice before using products that may be even touted as something that ‘kills 99.9% of bacteria’. Have a look at men’s best aluminum-free deodorant and perfume spray from SUPER SMELLY. Don’t forget to count on the ZERO-TOXIN brand’s natural yet all-natural hand rub sanitizers. 


While one argument somewhere says silicones make skin healthy, the other states they cause breakouts. What an inconvenient paradox! So, do you need to go cold turkey with silicones? Of course, you have to! It’s not a good idea to slather your face with silicones that can build up and eventually lead to zits and acne flare-ups. Also, if waking up with a freakishly red face haunts you, you need to bid goodbye to silicones as they can irritate the skin easily and surge skin sensitivity. They can even lock in the toxins so don’t be surprised if your skin feels like going through gloom and doom amid your Zoom lectures. 


If you have ‘No bubbly foam= No clean’ ideology, it’s high time to get rid of it.  Foam is often created by amine derivatives like Diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) that can cause organ toxicity. These additives also used as fragrances and emulsifying agents can penetrate into the skin and give rise to neurotoxic diseases. What’s more, they dry the skin out and infuriate the skin barrier. To stay away from these effing awful toxins, it’s a wise idea to rule them out from your beauty stash. Opt for a chemical-free face moisturizer for dry skin, the best chemical-free face wash for pimples, and other NO-TOXIN products from an all-natural BRAND.

Artificial Fragrances

There are several woes associated with synthetic fragrances with the popular ones being skin irritation, hyper-pigmentation, and rash. So, no matter how appealing your signature scent or fave face cleanser sounds, don’t pay heed to them. And worry not! You can still have an oh-so-awesome olfactory experience with fragrances that are IFRA compliant. Do that by grabbing all-natural, paraben-free face wash, toxin-free deos, and similar stuff containing fragrances that won’t bother you at all!


You might love wearing your favorite signature scent before your everyday Zoom lectures but little do you know it may have formaldehyde – one of the key culprits behind skin irritation and burns. Avoid this toxic matter at all costs. But there’s a catch! Although the label of your product doesn’t mention formaldehyde directly, the notorious ingredient may play peek-a-boo by still being present there. So, to avoid your skin from reeling under the negative effects of this chemical, make sure you check the product’s ingredient list thoroughly. If you are looking for the best aluminum-free antiperspirant for excessive sweating that’s free of toxins, try Super Smelly’s Oudh Perfume Deodorant Spray.


Trying to add beauty products containing BHA and BHT to your lockdown lexicon? Think twice as they can cause certain health woes like rashes, autoimmunity, headaches, and liver damage. For this reason, renounce all those toxin-laden beauty staples and invest in their toxin-free counterparts. 

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