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5 Ways To Choose The Right Deo (Deodorants)


Do you guys remember the first day of high school?

All set to make a lasting impression. Well, most of us did….. But some of us had it the other way round! Did you very smartly (not) mix your mother’s perfume with a random deo spray hoping that it would last long and you’d smell heavenly throughout the day?

Well, it’s just one of those big NO NO’s amongst others when it comes to applying Deos. Yes, we are just getting started! 

After meticulously reading & researching about deos, the toxins baggage they come along with & how viable they are for young & sensitive skin – we were kind of appalled. There were no brands catering to this section of needs, & hence Super Smelly was born.

But, first things first. Let’s address the correct age to start using deos. We all have our many assumptions, putting it all at rest – deos ideally have two functions – to mask body odour and to invariably smell nice. When we hit puberty, at around 11 years of age, our sweat glands become active enough to start causing body odour. Again this depends on a lot of other factors like, what kind of hygiene you maintain, the spike of hormones that generally happen during this phase & definitely the food you eat. 

However, you can start using a deo as early as 9 years as well, justify. 

Next, we come to the checklists and red flags while we indulge in our deo shopping. You will be surprised with this one!

1. Should Make You Feel & Smell Awesome

A whiff of the fragrance should make you feel just GREAT! Yes nothing less. Break away from the notion that deos are only meant for special days and to attract someone- like no! Out it on anywhere, anytime & simply FEEL good.

2. Read Your Labels

Look out for parabens, zinc, aluminium, triclosan, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, DEA/TEA and petrochemicals. Big Red Flags. Period. 

Young & sensitive skin requires a toxin free formulation that does not harm the skin. These artificial nasties not only irritate the skin, but some are also deemed to be carcinogenic in nature. No reason why you should invite such toxicity anyway right? (pun intended)

Don’t fall prey to 0% Alcohol gimmicks by brands. Alcohol us a superb disinfectant and it evaporates fast enough to not cause you any harm, provided you check how much alcohol your deo says it contains. 

Give the Super Smelly deos a try – they are Certified ‘Made Safe’, ‘100% Toxin Free’ and ‘Vegan’ by Safe Cosmetics Australia and use only IFRA compliant fragrances.

3. Natural Ingredients In Deos?

Yes it’s true guys! Hard to believe I know! There are deos which are specially crafted with ingredients that are kind to the skin. All Super Smelly deos are made with love with natural ingredients like Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera that not only mask body odour but keep the skin irritation at bay!

4.We Don’t Want Dark Under Arms

Atleast not caused by harsh chemicals! Super Smelly Deos contain the perfect mix of Tea Tree & Aloe, that protects your skin from bacteria caused by sweat and keep the under arm skin nourished. 

Super Smelly fragrance formulations pass rigorous examinations & tests to clinically prove their suitability for young & sensitive skin. You can check our entire collection here.

5. A Little Patch Test Goes A Long Way

Apply a little of the product to the back of your hand or behind your ear and give it 48 hours to see if you have a reaction. If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, your skin may go red, bumpy or start to itch. If you have sensitive skin, it’s really important to do this test. 

Deodorant should be applied once a day to clean, dry skin. The best time to use it is after a shower or a bath but the skin must be completely dry. Deodorant can be reapplied throughout the day, as and when needed. 

So last but not the least, enjoy a good fragrance but be conscious about it too! Spray it on & strut out in confidence and enjoy life uninhibited! 

We, at Super Smelly deep dive into everything that goes into creating a good range of fragrances, skincare and haircare products so that you experience the best of everything!

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