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The Truth About Aluminum Deodorants And Why You Need A Switch!

The Truth About Aluminum Deodorants And Why You Need A Switch! | Best aluminium free deodorant, deodorant for men online, chemical free deo, supersmelly zero toxin deodorant spray,

Only beauty or health fanatics know what ‘aluminum-free on the label of deodorant is exactly trying to convey. There have been a lot of controversial statements surrounding aluminum deodorants. So, what’s so controversial about aluminum deos that every health junkie is avoiding it? If aren’t aware of this, scroll ahead to have a scoop of the truth about aluminum deodorants and why it’s better to steer clear of them. 

Why Does A Deodorant Have Aluminum? 

You may often wonder – you have aluminum saucepans and cookers at home but what’s the metal doing in my deodorant? Well, the low-density metal is added to deos and antiperspirants to stop sweat. If you won’t stop, bacteria basking on your skin won’t react with sweat to produce odor. Hence, the name: ‘anti-perspirant’. This also means aluminum can’t expunge body odor per se. It has to collude with fragrance to keep that nasty smell at bay.

Why Aluminum In Deodorants A Matter Of Concern?  

Aluminum can affect your body and health, in a negative sense. Some health concerns and general issues related to it are:

No More Sweat

If you are rejoicing now, think before you leap. Our bodies sweat so as to cool themselves off and also to get rid of toxins. The plugging of sweat ducts by aluminum impedes this natural process. This means your body won’t cool off and it will overheat easily. Also, the toxins won’t find a way to escape and this will increase the body’s toxicity levels.  

Your Light-Colored Clothes Are Sure To Suffer

If that milky white shirt or tee of yours looks less white, blame your conventional deo for that. Aluminum found in typical deodorants team up with sweat to form a colored tint that’s generally hard to eliminate. So, what to do to keep your white fabrics crisp? Aluminum-free deodorant spray is your first port of call.


Scientific research done in the past has pointed to the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. These researches have unnerved many people and even compelled several to step away from their chemical-laden deodorants and perfumes and resort to toxin-free deos instead. If you too want to make a switch, take heart in Super Smelly zero-toxin deodorant spray – Whoosh Sports Deodorant Spray. Women can rely on Sweet As Sin Deodorant Spray’ the best aluminum-free deodorant with ZERO TOXINS.

Kidney Disease

Your kidney is designed to get rid of bodily wastes including aluminum. When aluminum is present in overwhelming quantities, it can lead to kidney malfunction. This means your body won’t be able to extricate aluminum, eventually giving rise to organ toxicity.

Breast Cancer

The fact that the breast area lies close to the underarms from where aluminum can pave its way to the breast tissue is enough for anyone to forgo conventional deos. Apart from studies citing that aluminum can cause breast cancer, there are excessive claims about the metal causing hormone imbalance. Even parabens can mimic estrogen and alter the endocrine system. So, opting for aluminum and paraben-free deodorant is a no-brainer here.

Creating Havoc On The Underarms  

 Aluminum compounds not only rile the sweat ducts by plugging them but also wreak havoc on the armpit. So, it shouldn’t be surprising for you if you encounter redness, rashes, or even a change in the skin tone of your underarms. Especially if you are someone with sensitive skin, the issues can exacerbate. Look for an aluminum-free deodorant for sensitive skin to save yourself from the wrath of the toxic metal.

Other Health Concerns Linked To Aluminum Deodorants  

  • Organ toxicity
  • Memory issues
  • Bone disorders
  • Seizures
  • Stunted growth in kids
  • Muscle weakness
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Speech problems

Should You Make A Switch? 

Although there is not sufficient scientific evidence for the health woes related to aluminum, it’s always a wise idea to use a clean body spray. Rest assured, aluminum-free deodorants will cut the mustard when it comes to your hygiene. Aluminum-free deodorant benefits by combatting the body odor naturally without hindering the function of sweat ducts. Also, you won’t experience any sort of irritation if you fall back on aluminum-free deos. But make sure there aren’t other sketchy chemicals in your product. 

Well, you don’t have to search for a chemical-free deo to be on the safe side. Simply look out for ‘TOXIN-FREE deodorant for men’ online. There are many brands like Super Smelly with natural, zero-toxin deos. Pick the right deo according to your gender and keep smelling good all day long. And guess what? These deodorants are safe for Gen-Z so take a moment to rejoice!

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