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5 Reasons Why Natural Deodorants are Better?

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The use of (Natural Deodorant) perfume, in order to smell pleasant dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley Civilization. Flowers, oils and other aromatics were distilled and blended to create heavenly mixtures for men, women, adolescents, children and even the dead, during burial.

With the advancement of technology and the onset of the modern world, the ingredients in perfumes changed to suit the times. The use of synthetic and chemical materials began, as an alternative to natural, either because of the unavailability of the natural ingredients or because it was cheaper.

Before you knew it, perfumes and deodorants (Perfume Deodorant Set for Men & Women) began to carry ingredients that you struggled to pronounce and on closer look, turned out to be toxic to your health. Ingredients like aluminum, parabens, zinc, triclosan, polyethylene glycol and phthalates, to name a few, crept into our deodorants and perfumes. These chemicals can be highly hazardous to the body, leading to multiple diseases and disorders.

Currently, there is a worldwide movement from chemical-based deodorants to natural and herbal. This comes in the wake of a newer generation that is more aware, inquisitive and self-caring, while choosing personal care products because they understand the implications of their choice. Using an ingredients-first approach, rather than getting brainwashed by mass media marketing, what their product contains and how it will impact their bodies, has become top priority for Gen Z. These young adults are gradually leading the fragrance industry back to where it began – in nature.

Therefore, the advantages of switching to a natural, zero-toxin deodorant and perfume deodorant are several. Here are five reasons why you should give up the synthetic and opt for the natural:

  1. Natural is safer – Since natural deodorants are made up only of natural, herbal, or organic ingredients like essential oils and other plant-based wonders, and contain no toxins like aluminum, parabens, zinc, triclosan, and others, they are much safer to use. Free of harmful side-effects, they are usually safe for all skin types and ages and could easily qualify as the best deodorants (Best Perfume Deodorant For Men & Women) in the market, for example, the range of Super Smelly Natural Deodorants that are certified 100% toxin-free and Made Safe by Safe Cosmetics Australia. While picking up deodorant for yourself or a family member, ensure that it contains no toxins and is safe to use.
  2. The Hypoallergenic advantage – This means that the deodorants with natural ingredients are gentler and milder for the skin, ruling out allergic reactions. Especially, if they have been dermatologically tested for skin sensitivity and safety, anybody can use them without worry. Look out for deodorants that have been tested and certified allergen-free, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  3. Kinder to the environment – The production of natural deodorants borrows ingredients from nature – a variety of plants, flowers, fruits, mineral powders, and whatnot. When sustainably sourced, these are lighter on the environment and turn out to be the best deodorant (Best Men’s Perfumes) available. Chemical-based synthetic deodorants are unsustainable to manufacture and lead to environmental pollution at the same time. You can also ensure that your deodorant packaging is recyclable and spray cans contain no CFC. This further helps the green cause and carries a smaller carbon footprint.
  4. Cruelty-free – Natural perfumes and deodorants (Sports Deodorant) are not tested on animals because they are free of synthetic substances, which require repeated testing. Natural means ethical and if a deodorant brand promotes kindness to animals, then that is a responsible brand that cares, not just about itself, but about how it affects others.
  5. Additional benefits – Deodorants that are formulated with natural ingredients deliver several benefits, apart from lending a pleasant fragrance. Those from Super Smelly’s range, gently fight body odor by destroying odor-causing bacteria and also replenish, heal, soothe and lighten underarm skin. All this without any negative side effects. Now, this is what we can safely call a good, all-rounder deodorant!

A good deodorant for men and women is one that fulfills all your needs. So, if your deodorant is made of nourishing natural ingredients, leaves you feeling fresh and smelling good, is gentle on sensitive skin, environment-friendly, cruelty-free, responsibly produced, and nourishes your underarm skin – what more do you need?? This is truly the best deodorant that you can possibly get.

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