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An Essential Guide To Natural Deodorants For Gen-Z

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With the increasing use of chemicals in conventional beauty products, people are switching to natural, toxin-free staples. Everyone, especially Genz, is looking out for products that have no harsh chemicals and are safer. Due to this, most beauty brands have veered from their conventional ways of manufacturing products toward a natural circuit. Talking about deodorants and antiperspirants, toxin-free and natural deos have gained much traction of late. Nowadays, health-conscious individuals prefer using toxin-free formulas rather than spritzing their bodies with something that can cause more harm than good. So, if you have transitioned to natural deos, it’s good! And if not, here’s what you need to know before getting started.

How Natural Deodorant Stops Odor?

If you think that excessive sweating is the only reason behind that stinky odor, you are wrong! Odor occurs when your sweat interacts with bacteria present on your skin. Natural deodorants counteract this phenomenon with their anti-bacterial and sweat-wicking ingredients. Unlike ingredients used in conventional deos, these are free of toxins and hence safe. Such formulations are kinder to the skin and even the fragrances used are not a matter of concern. If you are foraging for the best long-lasting deodorant in India that’s safe, give Super Smelly’s ‘Sweet As Sin Deodorant Spray’ a try. This ZERO-TOXIN formulation has the goodness of witch hazel, tea tree oil, and aloe vera. Something that works perfectly to discourage bacteria and keep that nasty odor at bay! 

Why Are Natural Deodorants So Good?

When we say ‘natural deodorant’, the first thought that comes to your mind is – ‘a deodorant that’s safe for your skin and the environment. But let us tell you that such deos do a lot more good than you think. They:

  • Are simple yet so effective 
  • Are skin-friendly 
  • Don’t disrupt the body’s natural sweat-making process
  • Keep skin well-moisturized
  • Don’t stain clothes
  • Give the feeling of well-being
  • Discourage animal testing 

Rest assured that you will redeem all the benefits of organic deodorants from natural, toxin-free deos. If you are thinking about getting non-alcoholic deodorants in India or an organic deodorant, don’t panic. Simply get a deo with high-quality vegetable-based alcohol that’s safe yet effective in keeping sweat-producing bacteria at bay. Teens and tweens who play a lot outdoors can settle for ‘Whoosh Sports Deodorant Spray that’s TOXIN-FREE!

How To Use Natural Deodorant Spray?

First-timers out there! Use your favorite toxin-free deo in good order to reap maximum benefits. You don’t have to invest in an alcohol-free deodorant in India to get things right. Simply try a deo with vegetable-based alcohol that’s absolutely safe and equally effective as alcohol when it comes to killing bacteria.

Step #1 Cleanse Your Skin

Even the best deos in India won’t work effectively if you apply them on dirty skin. So, cleanse your skin by lathering it up with a soap or body wash. It’s good if you exfoliate your skin first to expunge the dead skin cells. You can use baking soda, sugar, coffee granules, or any store-bought scrub. 

Step #2 Dry Your Skin Prior Deo Application

To let a natural deodorant get fully absorbed into your skin, you should use it on dry skin. So, dry your armpits post-shower/bath and then use your product.

Step #3 Do A Patch Test

Always do one tiny spray on your neck or wrist before continuing to use the deo religiously. A patch test is crucial to see how your skin reacts to the deodorant you are using. No irritation or redness after the test? Go ahead and continue spraying on! 

Step #4 Spray Rightly

Keep a distance of 6 inches or so when you spray to cover the entire armpit area. This makes the deo most effective. Make sure to shake the spray bottle first before application. If you are using a deo stick, create a sufficient swipe by rolling it against your skin. Go for 2-3 strokes and then reapply later in the day. 

Tip: You can have an instant refresh anytime with your favorite all-natural deodorant. Just make sure to wipe the sweat first with a tissue/towel before application. 

Natural, toxin-free deodorants are good for your environment, gentler on your skin, and pleasing to your senses. Need the best deodorant for ladies in India? Try Sweet As Sin Deodorant Spray from Super Smelly – a long-lasting deo with sweet and floral fragrance notes. If you are a guy, you can’t go wrong with Whoosh Deodorant’. We are sure you won’t find a natural deodorant in India as incredible as this one!

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